I have lived in the Philadelphia area all my adult life. I moved here because, being a wood sculptor, I was attracted to the availability of wood in this area. I will soon be turning 66. I have gone through many ways of using wood in my sculptures. I created solid wood carvings and have used wood costumes in performance.  Live Wood Sculpture performances even took me out of this country.  A little woman with a chain saw is who I am.  I am  not afraid to use a power saw to create, because I have more stories to tell through wood.  Motherhood and family is the subject of my recent works. I have nearly 50 years of sculptures at my home.  I feel it is time to tell my story with wood. 

For this exhibit I show some photos of performance works and sculptures works to tell my evolution as an Asian artist. I would like to give a lecture about my sculpture and the stories they tell.


At the age of 18 I moved to the USA and studied sculpture at  the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania. I have always been a sculptor but I also combine music and dance movement with my art.

I use my art to teach people with disabilities to empower their minds.  I am also a film maker, creating films to tell their stories. The films have been shown at Film Festivals. Art is always around me. I invent many different ways for my students with many challenges to be able to create.  Being the mother of two adult children, the ingredient of being a mother has always applied to my art and teaching.