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A hybrid book arts experiment, the Fall 2018 issue of the Asian American Literary Review combines a look back across AAI’s 25-year history, a catalog of our anniversary exhibitions, a meditation on its influence locally and nationally, and a reflection on socially engaged Asian American artmaking.

Guest-edited by Lena Sze, the issue features a limited edition (make it yourself!) pop-up art by Colette Fu, a curriculum of 6 learning modules inspired by the works of (ex)CHANGE, by Dan S. Wang, a mixtape of the 25th Anniversary Saturday Showcase of spoken word and performance, curated by Michelle Myers, and more!


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Preview it here:

“Foldable DIY Lotus Pop-up Art” by Colette Fu

*Print the file out on 11x17" cardstock and follow the instructions here.

“Curricular Concatenations” by Dan S. Wang

“Past, Present, and Hopeful Futures: Situating (ex)CHANGE and Then and Now” by Alexandra Chang

“Inventing Asian America” by Ryan Lee Wong

“Reflections on the Asian Arts Initiative and Representational Art Politics in Philly—That’s the Jawn” by René Marquez

“Trusting Art” by Mary Jane Jacob

Featuring online only: ”Wataridori: (birds of passage) Process Piece” by Rea Tajiri and Vince Schleitwiler